Dane Curley A darling of the underground rap scene, Dane Curley has released singles and mixtapes in America, Australia, England, Finland, Norway, and Pakistan. As "Noodles," Dane recorded with Point Game, SolEternity, Taiyamo Denku, and other underground rap notables. His next project features Madd Illz and Warbux, and his most recent singles with Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi are available everywhere, now! Dane Curley is an experienced professional actor, host (SAG-AFTRA), and writer (ASCAP) with degrees in Broadcasting and Political Science. A life-long performer and dedicated learner, Dane brings clear and concise language to the many fields of his interest, from music, politics, and sports journalism (MMA/Boxing/Strongman) to professional acting, songwriting, creative and copywriting. Dane has published over 1000 articles and hosted or produced more than 200 live events. He currently writes for The World’s Strongest Man (WME-IMG) conducting interviews with strongmen and creating pre-event copy. He is headquartered in NYC.